Workplace Delivery

On a company allowed, extended lunch break, employees/groups drive to the meal pick up location and deliver meals to approximately 8-10 clients before returning to work/home. 

You choose the day. Your office will be scheduled to deliver meals once a week. Delivery routes take about 90 minutes from meal pick up to last stop.

You set your schedule. One person will be the “Team Coordinator” and is in charge of scheduling for your weekly route. Working in teams isn’t required but it makes it more fun and faster. The more teams you have the less often each team is scheduled. Please note that Team Coordinators are optional.

You make a difference during your break. Typically, no employee is out of the office more than once a month. On your lunch break you can ensure that the people on your route have their meals for the whole day. Talk about a power lunch!



Volunteering promotes employee/group morale, communication, team building and communication. It also allows volunteers meet new people, feel satisfaction in giving back to the community, and develop new skills. Your company/group will be seen as a community partner and contributor.



While optional, as the Team Coordinator, you will be the main point of contact between your company and Meals on Wheels NEI. You will be responsible for:

  • Recruiting coworkers/group members to volunteer, then collecting volunteer applications from new volunteer drivers and submitting them to the Meals on Wheels NEI office.

  • Creating and completing a schedule for volunteer drivers to sign up for delivery routes.

  • Keeping the Meals on Wheels NEI office updated with scheduling changes or when a volunteer leaves.

  • Schedule substitute drivers or alert the Meals on Wheels NEI office at least one day before a substitute is needed.



As a volunteer, you will be responsible for delivering meals when scheduled.

  • Pick up meals on time and transport them in insulated coolers to ensure food safety. Meals are ready to pick up between 11-11:30am.

  • Maintain a clean driving record, valid driver’s license, and vehicle insurance. Meals on Wheels NEI requires annual background checks.

  • (IF APPLICABLE) Notify your Team Coordinator if you need to reschedule or can’t deliver on your scheduled day so they can find a replacement.



  • Receive directions to the pick-up site and detailed driving instructions for your route.

  • Hands on training from your Team Coordinator or another qualified volunteer.

  • A copy of Meals on Wheels NEI’s Volunteer Policies and Procedures.


Frequently asked questions

Do I need a big truck to deliver meals?
Any size vehicle will work. You will have two packages per meal recipient which fit nicely into coolers or insulated bags. Usually a standard size trunk or back seat is adequate.

What if I get lost?
You will have detailed instructions ahead of time to take with you. There will also be live phone support from the Meals on Wheels NEI office if you get turned around.

What if no one is home?
Sometimes our meal recipients have appointments or emergencies, or just don’t hear the door. If this happens you will be able to call the Meals on Wheels NEI office for the next step.